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Inside The World According To Ben Stein: Episode 138

Thursday, January 21, 2021, 7:00 PM PST/10:00 PM EST, with former Fox News executive and the head of Media Action Network, Ken LaCorte

Rock Breath Jan 22, 2021

“Spend your day in gratitude and you’ll have a great day!” ~Ben Stein

On the last episode of The World According To Ben Stein; Ben Stein, Judah Friedman, and Ben Boychuck were joined by former Fox News executive and the man behind Media Action Network, Ken LaCorte. 

For the first time, Judah took to the reins and gave the show something new by telling us a little bit about his experiences as a young Jew living in Jerusalem during extremely turbulent times of the assassination of Israeli’s Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. He also equates the division in political parties in the United States to the division and destruction of the Labor Party in Israel, more importantly the similarities to the speed in which the Labor Party was dissolved.

Ben Stein talked about his time in Washington as a high ranking Republican functionary and how after all of his time in DC, he could not name a match to the level of President Trumps energy and functionality within our government. He puts out a call to lawyers across the country to join him in the courts to help President Trump and defend Democracy everywhere, and most importantly he told us to never quit trying to make difference, and to ‘Give it the old college try.’ Which, for you youngsters out there that means, “To put forth one’s very best effort.”

Ken didn’t waste any time getting to some very interesting facts about the way the news is actually funneled throughout the world, and how the media uses Content Delivery Networks, or CDNs, to manage the flow of information to prevent denial-of-service attacks on Conservative media outlets that mainstream media and the majority of Silicon Valley work diligently to suppress. One of Media Action Network and Ken’s main goals is to help build up the “rightist fear” by creating a media-matters platform for the right.

Ben Boychuck, Managing Editor for America Greatness shared his thoughts on the possibility of a third political party or ‘Patriot Party’ lead by President Trump and what Republicans might decide to do about impeaching Trump to prevent him from ever being in a government office again. He explains how he has come to the point of going into old school print media, because of his completely legitimate fear of not knowing when big tech will try to silence him next.

In my opinion this episode was one of the most interesting and informative shows to date, so please be sure to click the image below and watch it on YouTube at The World According To Ben Stein. If you do you just might find, Ben Stein can do more than calculate numbers and look pretty for the camera, he can actually sing too. 

Take it away Mr. Stein…

The World According To Ben Stein is: Benjamin Jeremy Stein, Judah Friedman, Ben Boychuk, Remso W. Martinez, and tonights special guest Ken LaCorte. 

Ben Stein is the best, the boldest, and the oldest member of the only “Hollywood Speakeasy” left on the planet …The World According To Ben Stein.

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